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Established in 2011, Stud Radio, formerly Team Alpha Male (TAM) Radio is the pioneering #1 podcast in MMA. Hosted by the greatest mind in MMA; Sir Studboy and Team Alpha Male O.G and Head coach Justin Buchholz. 

LIVE every Tuesday at 7PMish (pst) to talk MMA, dicks, farts etc. with world champions and certified badass, funny motherfudgers – Bringing only the original and first-hand content, insight and entertainment to air weekly!   #createthenews

SIR STUDBOY | @Sir_Studboy


  • Greatest Mind in MMA
  • Original and first stud to grace TAM Nation
  • 1996 Delsea Christmas Wrestling Tournament Champion
  • Multibillionaire – Part of the 1%
  • P4P, undisputed and undefeated ELAC Staredown Champion
  • Spends more money on ahi tuna appetizers then you make in a year



JUSTIN BUCHHOLZ | @JustinBuchholz_


  • 2016 Coach of the year – Coached 14 champions; 12 newly crowned.
  • Team Alpha Male Head Coach .
  • King Alaska .
  • Team Alpha Male Original – First TAM fighter in the UFC.
  • UFC Fight Vet
  • 25F – 7KO – 6 SUB
  • Only man alive to defeat a coconut
  • Mixed Martial Arts boywonder aka Buchholzpedia of MMA