EPISODE #179 – “NCAA Wrestling: Is he wearing a cup?”

WATCH EPISODE #179 – GUIDA, BUCHHOLZ, and STUDBOY “NCAA Wrestling: Is he wearing a cup?”

UFC superstar, Clay Guida joins Team Alpha Male head coach; Justin Buchholz and Sir Studboy, the greatest mind in MMA to breakdown the 2017 NCAA Wrestling Championships, taking place this weekend in St. Louis, MO.

The crew break down all the brackets and weight classes, choosing winners and future stars.

Buchholz covers TAM news, including upcoming fights and fight speculation, but not before showing off his fresh sunburn from his mountain hike in the snow with TAM Jiu-Jitsu superstar the Persian Prince aka Dustin Akbari.

Episode #178 – “Redemption”

WATCH The Infamous UFC banned Episode: #178 – BUCHHOLZ and STUDBOY “Redemption”

The UFC was swift to block and issue a cease and desist order to #1 MMA Podcast, Stud Radio after head Coach Justin Buchholz violated his non-disclosure agreement during Episode #178. Fortunately with Sir Studboy‘s team of legal assassins, a loop-hole emerged and parties settled on an agreement to republish this blockbuster episode.

WATCH The Infamously UFC banned Episode  #178 – BUCHHOLZ and STUDBOY “Redemption” below:

Buchholz returns with a bang as he leaks all the behind scenes and TUF25 secrets with no regard to his legally binding non-disclosure agreement signed at The Ultimate Fighter.
Spilling what really took place on the Ultimate Fighter season ‘Redemption’ coached by Bantamweight champ Cody Garbrandt, against former champ and Team Alpha Male teammate TJ Dillashaw while filming the season and closing out the season in the last weeks,  which then steamrolled into the epic night of Sat. March 4th’s UFC209 event. Which featured the comeback of the century by Darren “The Damage” Elkins and the flawless and dominant UFC strawweight debut of “Alpha Female” Cynthia Calvillo.

Host’s further breakdown UFC209, its trio commentary act, Cody No Love’s reign in 2016 and 2017 in the MMA world and more while taking callers from stud nation. Studboy digs deep and enlightens stud nation on how to make a long story short.

1st Day TAM Head Coach walks on set No Love strangles Dillashaw

TAM HC Justin Buchholz breaks down the closing of the filming for The Ultimate Fighter 25: Redemption season, coached by former teammates and now the most heated rivals in the UFC;  Cody “No Love” Garbrandt and TJ DIllashaw.

Watch as Buchholz explains his first day on set which saw No Love strangle estranged teammate Dillashaw.


TAM Head Coach – Justin Buchholz: “I have the knockout footage”

TAM Head Coach – Justin Buchholz: “I have the knockout footage”

Sh*t got real on episode #178 – BUCHHOLZ and STUDBOY “Redemption” as co-host and Team Alpha Male head coach Justin Buchholz publicly addressed the famed ‘KO-footage’ of Cody Garbrandt & TJ Dillashaw LIVE on air, sharing TMZ Sport’s offering $50K to purchase the tape.

Hear the full details below:

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