Episode #190 – 6FIGS, CALVILLO, BUCHHOLZ, and STUDBOY “Protect yourself at all times”

The greatest mind in MMA Sir Studboy and Justin Buchholz are back at it again! Hosts answer calls from all of stud nation, Buchholz cordially accepts Andy from Scotland’s invitation to train in Glasgow for #1 Spicy, Cynthia Calvillo’s co-main event fight, the great Clarence calls in and shares his big news, plus who his theoretical top pick of athletes from TAM would be 😉 … All while discussing shanty-towns as Studboy’s only answer to homelessness.

WME-IMG abrasively issues a copyright infringement, muting former featherweight champ Jose Aldo, after he called in to officially clear the air and explain his loss at UFC 212 on Sat. June, 3rd in Rio de Janeiro.

Smokey 6Figs makes his long awaited return, confronts his arch-nemesis 3% and takes the assist in the host seat, before Cynthia surprises the cast, fresh off the plane to demonstrate the most effective women’s self defense tactics – beautifully executed on no other, than Smokey himself.

Video courtesy of Justin Buchholz snappychat – follow the best nips in MMA on the snap at —>  justin.buchholz


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