UPLOADED!! Episode #181 – BUCHHOLZ and STUDBOY “Duane Ludwig blocked me on Instagram”

Latest Episode:  #181 – BUCHHOLZ and STUDBOY “Duane Ludwig blocked me on Instagram”

Shit gets real: Duane Ludwig blocks Team Alpha Male head coach and co-host Justin Buchholz on Instagram after commenting and questioning his coaching. The greatest mind in MMA, Sir Studboy is obnoxious as usual, hangry & time poor, he addresses stud nation’s call-in questions and queries with his excellence and life advice where possible.

Host’s Buchholz and Studboy touch on the Dillashaw and Lomachenko training, recap the UFC calibre performance of ‘Bopo’ Joseph Morales from CFFC64 in San Diego in front of Dana White and the UFC’s reality show “Dana White: Lookin for a fight”, Studboy’s fight management home-run, the only fight stats needed for this weekend’s UFC210 ft. Cynthia Calvillo and Josh Emmett plus upcoming TAM calendar, including the rematch in the making between Studboy vs. Mayhem Miller.

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